Meet Kara! Baltimore’s Best Marketing Consultant

Kara A.

The newest addition to the MOS team in the role of Marketing Consultant and Project Manager, Kara came to us after spending over a year in Brazil where she taught English as a second language!

Her personal style in 3 words: Classy, Colorful and Sometimes Unexpected….a girl needs to change it up every now and then.

How she got to where she is today: Growing up, Kara spent a lot of time helping her dad in his workshop. Inspired by his creative passion, she decided to find a career that would allow her to use her own creativity and lucky for us she found MOS!

Her guiltiest pleasure: Dark chocolate and peanut butter, especially when the two are combined in Peanut Butter & Co.’s Dark Chocolate Dreams.

What she loves about MOS: The environment – there are no walls! She also likes how everyone is so unique yet still open to work with one another.

Favorite place in the world: The coast of Greece. It is just a simple, inspiring place and honestly who can’t be happy on a beach in Greece?

Favorite Baltimore hotspot: While still relatively new to the Baltimore area, Kara’s favorite find so far is the Annabel Lee Tavern in Canton. It’s one of the few places around where you can find some amazing duck fat fries.

Last thing she does before bed: Read – while she reads all kinds of books she does love a good travel story.

Life Motto: “Don’t be afraid to make a mess.” – However, this also means, if you do make a mess you need to be able to clean it up!

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