The Super Bowl Ad Newcastle Would Have Made (If They Had the Money)

The Super Bowl is a time for advertisers to shine with creativity – whether they’re paying for a $4.1 million spot or utilizing more original avenues. One brand that really stood out with creativity this year was Newcastle beer. They created a series of videos about what their Super Bowl ad would be…if they had the budget to make it.

Here is a video of their “underwhelming” storyboard for the  “overwhelmingly mega huge” Super Bowl ad they could have made if they had the money:

Newcastle took it even further by interviewing real focus groups to garner feedback about the ad, which largely resulted in polite negativity (besides some fans of the shark conga line). They also produced satirical videos featuring Keyshawn Johnson and Anna Kendrick as actors who believed they would be starring in Newcastle’s Super Bowl ad before finding out that Newcastle didn’t actually have the funds to buy a Super Bowl spot.

The campaign, led by advertising firm Droga5, has certainly captured attention for the brand. The video with Anna Kendrick already has over 4 million views on YouTube, and they’re steadily climbing. It seems like Newcastle had the right idea for advertising on a smaller budget – save $4 million by opting out of the Super Bowl, and put up a video on YouTube to get 4 million views.

– Katy Leuschner (MOS Creative Project Manager)



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