Easy Halloween costumes for the procrastinating marketer

The air has turned brisk and the still-green grass is hiding beneath a thin layer of auburn-stained leaves that faintly crackle and rustle with each step you take. We’re approaching the final days of October, people, and you know what that means… HALLOWEEN!

So please ignore the glistening trees, shiny ornaments and alluring bows of holly that for some reason already adorn the aisles of your local Target and Walmart, and for a few more days let’s relish in the holiday which year after year gets pushed aside like the inconsequential step-child of celebrations. Halloween is not just for kids, my friends, it’s a serious event!

Think about it, Halloween gives us an excuse to behave in ways we would never normally act under the constraints of universally accepted social etiquette. For example, it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in way more sugar than any person should. And I’m going to speak frankly for us girls – it’s the one day we can get away with dressing in, well, VERY little. See on Halloween, anything goes, and that’s why we love it so much.

So go on, get creative this year! Why not dress up as your favorite marketing spokesperson or mascot? Here are some ideas for super easy, last minute costumes of this year’s hottest trends…

Keystone Light – Keith Stone – Be smooth, just like Keith Stone. He helps runaway brides, gets women out of trees, roller skates in style, all whit a case of Keystone light in tow. All you need is a few basics to pull off this super smooth look. Pull out your favorite pair of old, worn-in jeans, paired with a faded printed t-shirt (think $1 t-shirt rack at Goodwill) and a dark colored vest. Top off the outfit with a faded black baseball cap and a few days’ worth of grungy facial hair, and you’re looking real smooth. Don’t forget your 36 pack of Keystone. Fun AND functional!


Dos Equis – The Most Interesting Man in the World“He is the life of parties he has never attended.” If you want to be the life of your Halloween party, this is the costume for you! Make sure to pick up your sharpest looking suit from the dry cleaner a few days before the festivities. Add a pop of color and a little sophistication to the ensemble with a classic red silk hanky. Then top off the look with a well-manicured chin (and maybe a bottle of Just For Men?), and you’ve got it!


Progressive – Flo - This one-woman marketing dynamo has quickly carved out a spot for herself in the insurance landscape, surely due in part to her distinguishing look. Why not woo the competition with a fetching Flo costume? You’ll keep it simple with a monochromatic, all-white palette. That means a white collared shirt, white pants, and of course the iconic white “Progressive” apron. Add some flair to your apron with a name tag and “I <3 Insurance” button. For the final touch, tease your hair up into a jersey shore-like bump, and you’ll be peddling insurance like a pro!

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