How To Manage Website Tags

Having been in the digital marketing business for a while now, there are some lessons that come quickly, and some that come slowly.

Tag management was one of the slow ones.

For any readers who don’t know what I mean by tags, they are basically snippets of code which allow third party functionality on your site. Probably the most widely used one is for Google Analytics, which lets you review in depth data on your website users and performance.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had to go to my developer and bug him to change a single code in a field of a site. By itself, not really a big task, but it adds up.

Once we started working with some bigger clients who are maybe using between 3 and 5 different tags for different purposes on the site, this started to get more complicated.

That’s where Google’s own tag manager comes in. Get it here.

This simple tool lets a marketer update all of their tags, Google or otherwise from one simple portal without needing to dig into your FTP or any back end systems other than getting the tag manager code in there the first time.

I won’t belabor the point because Google’s own support resources are excellent!

Just wanted to help out any other marketers out there who spend more time managing tags than analyzing data!