Meet Emily!


Hey there!

I’m Emily Law and I’m the new Project Manager/Copywriter here at MOS Creative. I was born and raised in Franklin County, VA – also known as moonshine capitol of the world. I left that small town for another small town when I went off to college at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. While at JMU, I studied in the School of Media Arts and Design and earned my B.A. in Corporate Communications with a minor in General Studies in Communications. Shortly after graduating, I accepted a job working as the Customer Relations Supervisor, where I stayed for about a year before deciding to make the leap from VA to MD.

After moving to Maryland, I was able to get my job at MOS with some help from a friend. Although I’ve only been at MOS for a short month, I already feel so comfortable here and I’m excited to be in such a great environment. As someone who loves organization and values relationships, I am very excited to work with all of the MOS clients and learn even more about project management!