Meet John! Baltimore’s #1 Graphic Designer

John A.

John’s lifelong love of art and design inspired him to pursue a career as a Graphic Designer and create the art that surrounds us every day! His creativity also propelled his desire to work for a creative agency and led him to MOS almost 4 months ago!

First thing he does in the AM: Hits the snooze button. I think most people can relate to this morning ritual!

Favorite place in Baltimore: Camden Yards of course! He’s been a diehard Orioles fan for as long as he can remember.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Surprisingly, this Baltimore fan sees himself living in a new city and possibly a new country. After spending time travelling during college, this graphic designer can picture himself moving to Europe for a year or so.

Personal Style in 3 Words: Creative, Laid-Back and Wistful.

What does he love about MOS: The work environment and, of course, the MOS people!  Everyone is relaxed and can joke around with one another.

Guiltiest pleasure: Watching How I Met Your Mother…He’s gone through all 7 seasons in the past 6 months!

Life Motto: “God Created You, Live Creatively”


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